Scottish Friends of Bhopal

A project of

The Bhopal Medical Appeal

Scottish Friends of Bhopal is a project of the Bhopal Medical Appeal. The BMA fund the only facilities in Bhopal that provide free, first class medical care to those affected by the 1984 Bhopal disaster and the ongoing water contamination; the Sambhavna Clinic and The Chingari Rehabilitation Centre. To date it has cared for more than 50,000 people. Please visit The Bhopal Medical Appeal website to learn more about the disaster and additional information about the clinics.

The SFB began in July 2011 and is aimed at providing support, fundraising events and awarness for Bhopal survivors and other victims of pollution. The people of Bhopal continue on their courageous, 30 year fight for justice, and still the factory site remains highly toxic and un-cleaned which continues to be a serious hazard and threat to the health and safety of all those who live within the community.

At present, an estimated 120,000–150,000 survivors of the disaster are still chronically ill. Over 25,000 have died of exposure-related illnesses and more are dying still. Tens of thousands of children in Bhopal have been born with birth defects and require lifelong care and support. TB is several times more prevalent in the gas-affected population and cancer rates are on the rise.

SFB aims to promote toxic issues within Scotland; many of the environmental issues Bhopal highlights are not unique to this community alone. Bhopalis represents environmental injustice everywhere. In our global community, many places are impacted by pollution and toxic waste. SFB incorporates within its aims the importance of connecting and empowering these communities with an emphasis on Scotland, uniting them to gain greater strength and impact upon the industries that produce toxic emissions and pollutions, and to ensure that government officials adopt and develop policies and regulations that promote environmental justice for all. This solidarity can help small communities and organisations share: information, contacts, resources and support with each other to fight for the right to have a cleaner, safer and healthier environment to work and live within.


Bhopal Memorial Service in Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh

If you are interested in upcoming Scottish Friends of Bhopal events please email us at kajenkins@blueyonder.co.uk