Have a Heart Campaign


Have a Heart Bhopal gas disaster December 2012 Scottish Friends of Edinburgh

Supporters of Scottish Friends of Bhopal in Edinburgh commemorated the 28th
anniversary of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster by launching their ‘Have a Heart’ campaign.

The campaign involved making cards urging Dow to have a heart and remember the
tens of thousands of people  still suffering in Bhopal. The cards were then taken to the
Bhopal memorial plaque in Grey Friars Kirk in the city centre.

Bhopal gas disaster 28th anniversary Scottish Friends of Bhopal memorial Grey Friars Kirk Edinburgh

Scottish Friends of Bhopal raises funds for the Bhopal Medical Appeal which gives
regular grants to two clinics in Bhopal which are the only places where survivors and
their families can assess free healthcare.

You can visit The Bhopal Medical Appeal’s website here

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