Scottish Friends of Bhopal Concert – Dick Gaughan plus guests

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Come and watch the extremely talented guitarist/ singer/ songwriter Dick Gaughan in this exclusive performance for Scottish Friends of Bhopal at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar in Edinburgh.

Gaughan has many and various influences and claims to have been influenced by musicians as diverse as Hank Williams and Seán Ó Riada. His songs have been recorded by Billy Bragg, Mary Black, Jessica Haines & Mark Kaiser and Capercaillie amongst many others. He has also recorded extensively as a session musician.

His greatest musical love is for the ancient traditional Scots ballads. Also know as The Muckle Sangs (the big songs), these are the big story songs which form a substantial part of Scotland’s living wealth of traditional song.

Over the years, Gaughan has recorded and performed many of these “Muckle Sangs”, The great Scots Ballads are mostly of very great antiquity with some of the themes and motifs being traceable back thousands of years and are full of mystical and supernatural references.

Tickets can be purchased from Word Power Books priced at £15/10.
For more information or to buy tickets via email contact

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